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There are 5 categories of products, moving shops, mobile accommodation, recreation facilities, landscape facilities, communal facilities respectively, to meet the commercial needs of various market areas.

Container Shop

The application of container design in the temporary building industry has become more and more mature and perfect. While meeting the basic commercial activities, it provides a platform for cultural and artistic exchange for the people living around. It is also expected to produce a kind of differentiated creative business in such a small-scale space. Because of its convenient construction, cheap, strong structure, and comfortable internal environment, the shopping container shop is now more and more commercialized, widely used in various fields, such as container home, container coffee shop, container hotel, container stores. Shipping container store can be moved at any time with convenient relocation and is affordable in price and good to use.
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Container Shop for Sale

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Shipping Container Shop


Jekeen Container Shop Advantages

Custom Service
Efficient customization and one-stop service.
Various Themes
Meet the needs of various themes and create a commercial trend Aesthetics.
Excellent Quality
Strong modification and diversified formats.
Support Furnishing
Whole solution soft loading, multi-dimensional consideration.
Low transportation cost, convenient installation, short landing period.
Little Construction
Optimize customer experience and realize value-added quickly.

Apart from the advantages above, mobile container shops are favored for the following reasons. First, it is attractive in shape and appearance as the new type of building store. Secondly, the modular container building is convenient and stable, can be put into use as soon as landed. And it is in functional design, very practical as a commercial store.


Most of the shop container stores are single-cabinet designs, almost every one of them has a customized second-floor observation deck, which can be used as an outdoor dining area. And the enclosed façade railing can just be used to hang luminous signs.


In addition to the single container design, JEKEEN can also provide two-story multi-cabinet stores, which are suitable for the spacious business scope needs. The upper and lower floors are staggered side by side, reflecting the charm of the box-type building stacking.

Container Shop FAQs

shipping container shop manufacturer

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