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There are 5 categories of products, moving shops, mobile accommodation, recreation facilities, landscape facilities, communal facilities respectively, to meet the commercial needs of various market areas.

Horse Trailer

The frames and inner and outer skins of our horse trailers are all made of hot-dip galvanized material or hot-dip galvanized surface treatment to make it practical and durable. It is also equipped with sunroofs or solar ventilation fans on the top to facilitate air convection. The body adopts a streamlined design with a unique and beautiful appearance, which greatly reduces wind resistance. Special devices like horse protections are designed inside the trailer such as horse hooks, horse chest guards, horse guard barriers, and guards at the front, side and rear, etc. They are all fully padded to prevent various collisions from hurting the horse. The horse guard barrier can be removed to make convenience for horses to go up and down in order. And it can also be adjusted in height to suit horses of different sizes.

Horse Trailer for Sale

3-horse-angle-load-float 3hal-ANGLE-LOAD-FLOAT 1

3HAL Three Horse Angle Load Float

MATHEWS Extreme Edition
angle-load-two-horse-float 2 horse angle load horse trailer

Two Horse Angle Load Horse Float

Mathews Ultimate Edition
2-horse-straight-load-floats two-horse-straight-load-trailer

Straight Load Double Horse Trailer

MATHEWS Exquisite Edition

Our horse float is equipped with a special water system, and the lighting and signal devices inside and outside the float are adopting LED lamps to make the vehicle travel safely.


What’s more, various living facilities can also be customized according to your needs. For example, some floats are equipped with cabinets, toilets, beds, lockers, TVs, air conditioners, and refrigerators in order to facilitate the horse owners to better take care of the horses and their daily needs.  As a professional horse float manufacturer, JEKEEN can make various kinds of horse trailers in straight or angle load for 2, 3, 4, or more horses. Just tell us about your needs and leave the rest to us!

Horse Trailer FAQs


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