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There are 5 categories of products, moving shops, mobile accommodation, recreation facilities, landscape facilities, communal facilities respectively, to meet the commercial needs of various market areas.

Urban Furniture

Street furniture refers to urban public environmental facilities in urban streets like newsstands, bus stop signs, mailboxes, tables and chairs, trash cans, guide signs, sculptures, public toilets and others. The humanized design of urban furniture not only brings convenience to people's lives, but also meets people's needs, making people comfortable and relaxed in the subconscious. In the landscape of urban public space, the visual proportion of street furniture is more than 1/5. The shape, composition and color of urban furniture largely reflect the quality of urban landscape. JEKEEN DreamWorks has a professional and independent street furniture design team with rich experience, who's goal is to design the most classic street furniture, while taking practicality, humanization as well as ecology into consideration. Our main products are bus stop signs, tables and chairs, and trash cans. All the colors and sizes can be customized to your specific needs.

Urban Furniture for Sale

planter box seat SITE outdoor bench with planter boxes

Planter Box with Bench Seat

SIQI SIQI-plant-pot

Personalised Decorative Outdoor Planter

HALLY-COMET HALLY-COMET-table-and-chairs

Outdoor Table and Bench

LIGHT-decorative-light LIGHT-decoration-road-light

Art Decorative Street Light


Jekeen Urban Furniture Advantages

Convenient Installation
Low requirements for construction site, anywhere can be installed.
Low Transportation Cost
Short landing period, and complete service in one step.
High Quality
Made of selected material with a long service life.
In line with Trendy Aesthetics
Compelling appearance with high self-recognition.
Custom Skins
The color and pattern can be customized to meet various theme styles.
Interactive Experience
Increases customer dwell time and extends the consumption chain.

In addition to practical functions, urban furniture also plays an important role in social value. On the one hand, urban furniture is placed in the city and is an important part of the overall environmental system of the city. On the other hand, the urban furniture is an important carrier for displaying the quality of the city, promoting the image of the city, as well as a good representative of city's soft power. It can be said that urban furniture is a business card of the city, conveying the information of the city's comprehensive strength, cultural spirit and management level.

Urban Furniture FAQs


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