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Our products are widely used in urban business, scenic spot, franchising, exhibition and government projects. Let JEKEEN Dreamworks make your fantasies come true.

Jekeen's Successful Projects

We provide integrated solutions for program planning, scene creation, product development, and manufacturing for many fields such as urban business, scenic spot, entrepreneurship, exhibitions, municipal project, and community facilities.
food truck for urban business

Urban Business

Relying on our cross-regional and cross-border design and manufacturing, we provide cities around the world with large-scale full-scene solutions such as shopping streets and commercial plazas

Scenic Spots

We provide tailor-made vertical solutions for catering, shopping, entertainment, special accommodation and other areas, helping to create sustainable cultural and tourism attractions.
park model rv for scenic spot
food truck for franchising


Provide a new business model for entrepreneurial franchising. Mobile shops can greatly reduce input costs, improve mobility, and create more possibilities for profitability regardless of time and location.

Exhibition Sales

JEKEEN can create movable brand windows, flexible exhibition and sales positions for different enterprises, social groups, institutions, etc. due to our strong personalized customization and large-scale manufacturing capabilities.
shipping container for exhibition sales
food truck for government project

Municipal Projects

Creating solutions for livelihood projects that balance the needs of residents, urban management and commercial development in a tripartite manner. Applicable to the breakfast project, vegetable bazaar, poverty alleviation and disability project, service into the community and other livelihood projects.

Communal Facilities

JEKEEN is determined to provide wonderful urban furniture for a more beautiful city.
communal project

Recruiting Agents and Partners Worldwide!

If you are interested in our products and looking for long-term cooperation, welcome to consult.

Check the Products Used in the Projects

Landscape Art Sculpture (1)

Landscape Art Sculpture

food vending truck for sale MIKO

Vending Food Truck Stand

commercial street food serving truck MODERN BUS

Festival Pop Up Food Truck with Porch

MODERN BUS Ultimate Edition

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