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Our products are widely used in urban business, scenic spot, franchising, exhibition and government projects. Let JEKEEN Dreamworks make your fantasies come true.

Exhibition Sales

JEKEEN can create movable brand windows, flexible exhibition and sales positions for different enterprises, social groups, institutions, etc. due to our strong personalized customization and large-scale manufacturing capabilities.

Mobile Lottery Station

Most lottery stations on the market today are only a dozen square meters. Every year, lottery organizations around the world will organize all kinds of promotional activities for lot

Mobile Business Hall

Nowadays is the era of rapid development of mobile Internet. Currently the main responsible for the domestic communication network is the three major operators, so the one who can be

Integrated Cooker Mobile Display Truck

Project BackgroundThe integrated cookerhas great performance in terms of smoke absorption rate, ease of operation, functional safety and overall kitchen decorative effects.For consumers who want to cr

Harmony Home Whole House Customization

Project BackgroundIn recent years, by the impact of the real estate market and the impact of consumer upgrading, traditional furniture stores and retail terminals are facing a double decline in custom

FOTILE Mobile Promotion Truck

Since its establishment in 1996, Fangtai has been focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of high-end built-in kitchen appliances. In the era of information flow, for

Mobile Health Testing Station

Project BackgroundAs the public attaches more and more important to medical checkups, some highly sophisticated medical checkups have emerged, such as tumor genetic testing, whole genome testing, etc.

Recruiting Agents and Partners Worldwide!

If you are interested in our products and looking for long-term cooperation, welcome to consult.

Check the Products Used in the Projects


Vintage Camper Food Truck

ROMAN coffee and burger cart

Mobile Coffee and Burger Food Cart

ROMAN Exquisite Edition
mobile marketing truck SHANK

Mobile Exhibition Marketing Truck


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