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Our products are widely used in urban business, scenic spot, franchising, exhibition and government projects. Let JEKEEN Dreamworks make your fantasies come true.

Municipal Projects

Creating solutions for livelihood projects that balance the needs of residents, urban management and commercial development in a tripartite manner. Applicable to the breakfast project, vegetable bazaar, poverty alleviation and disability project, service into the community and other livelihood projects.

Catering Business in High speed Service Area in Shandong

High-speed service area represents the image of a city, nowadays, the investment of a medium-sized store in the service area is close to 1 million, and the return rate is low.

Xier River Night Market in Ruzhou

Night mobile stall’s road occupies, disorderly placement is a major problem affecting the urban management of Ruzhou. In order to meet

Qinglan Peninsula Float Tourism Bazaar in Hainan

The contractor of Qinglan Peninsula in Wenchang, Hainan first invested more than thirty million to build a seafood market, which was forced to demolish because of the pollution involved.

Fruit and Vegetable Project in Baoji City

Baoji fruit and vegetable project is required to meet people’s demand for direct consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.Custom Requirement1. The layout should be community-orient

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Check the Products Used in the Projects

horse trailer concession stand HARRY PNG

Horse Trailer Food Catering Concession Stand

HARRY Exquisite Edition

Mobile Concession Food Stand

LISBON Exquisite Edition

Mini Donut Food Truck


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