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Our products are widely used in urban business, scenic spot, franchising, exhibition and government projects. Let JEKEEN Dreamworks make your fantasies come true.

Scenic Spots

We provide tailor-made vertical solutions for catering, shopping, entertainment, special accommodation and other areas, helping to create sustainable cultural and tourism attractions.
mobile food vending trucks

Baima Lake Tourist Resort

Background of the ProjectThe Baima Lake Eco-Tourism Resort is located in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province. It is famous for its shape resembling a white horse. Baima Lake is one of the ten largest lakes

Taihe Misty Deer Fashion Street

The project is located in the inner commercial street of Hanlin Square, which is an old city renovation project. In order to improve the traditional commercial image and consumption level

Food Truck in Legoland Malaysia

The client is from Legoland Malaysia and he needs four food trucks for snacks and drinks in the park in Johor, Malaysia.

Taiwan Destination RV Trailer Project

With the development of RV markets and camping parks, more and more people begin to pay more time enjoying life and getting close to nature. This project is mainly used in large campgrounds and tourist attractions in Taiwan.

Towable RVs Project in Miyakojima Japan

This project is located in Miyakojima, Japan. It is mainly used in tourist attractions on the island for RVs renting or use them as hotels.500 vehicles have been ordered in the first stage

Yuntaishan Music Festival

Holding time: May 3-May 4, 2021. In 2021, after the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control stabilized, driven by the Henan government and cultural tourism craze, the Henan Yuntaishan

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Check the Products Used in the Projects


Mobile Outdoor Street Food Stall

horse trailer concession stand HARRY PNG

Horse Trailer Food Catering Concession Stand

HARRY Exquisite Edition
electric food serving truck for sale POLLY

Drivable Food Vending Truck


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